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Jen on curiosity killed the cat, you know.
So cute!!!!

Jen on Hampton Inn
Nice framing...would be nice if you could soften up the light a bit on her face.

Jen on Hampton Inn
Wonderful light and framing

barbod on Hampton Inn
very nice

Jen on Mariott

Jen on Mariott
Making me hungry! Good shot

Jen on Mariott
Nicely captured!

Jen on Christmas Wonderland.
Very creative!

Stovepipe on Christmas Wonderland.
Wonderfully creative work. Happy holidays!

Curly on it's starting to look a lot like Christmas...
Hi, I'm trying to get around as many of you as possible in a relatively short time to wish you all a very Happy ...

Vinman on it's starting to look a lot like Christmas...
It sure does, have a great time!

The Wakeful Tree on bliss
awesome, love this

Jen on bliss
Liking the fish eye pics...maybe I should consider adding that to my bag???

Sonia Nansid on bliss
I love this.

Becky on bliss
Love the shot - cinematic for sure - reminded me of the John and Yoko shot - with clothes. : ) Great!

69mil on bliss
good process

Rosa on bliss
A romantic result :)

Thaïs on bliss
Toute la tendresse du monde...

k@ on playing with basic paint and Photoscape
Original & dynamic angle.

k@ on bliss
Superbly cinematic, bravo. Deep & sweet feel.

Ioanaz on bliss
great shot!

marci on my favourite place.
love it~

Garfield on hgdhgdang;adhdsoian;a
Collection of strong images, unique characters ... quite a story here!

Ioanaz on fly away from here.
wow i love the autumn atmosphere and the little statue is so cute !

B.Held on you are not your clothes.
I love the atmosphere here.

Jen on it does you no good.
Beautiful soft light and colors

Jen on ole blue eyes.
Wonderful composition and framing!

Jen on Pushing Daisies 8
Great series Jeni!

Merilee on Pushing Daisies 7
this is cool!

Mj007 on Pushing Daisies 6
i like her blue umbrella ;)

Céline on Pushing Daisies 4
Excellent !

Curly on Pushing Daisies 2
Nice picture, looks fun, must be another strange American custom that we Brits don't understand :-)

k@ on Pushing Daisies 1
Hee hee, cool set-up, especially the girl with the blue cutie

Mj007 on whaaat?
lovely face ;))

payam on whaaat?
good job my artist friend.!.

H.S. on whaaat?
nice shot! love the colors and earings! ;)

Jen on St. Mary 7
I just love headstones and graveyards...St. Simons has an old one that I need to go back this summer and take some more ...

Jen on cereal.
Great compositions Jeni!

mom on cereal.

Jen on cereal.
My apartment no longer looks like this, thank God.

Jen on I break in two over you.
Don't feel bad. I don't, not anymore.

Kylie on St. Mary 1
This is so touching and beautiful!

Jen on I break in two over you.
OMG this is so sad, I just want to cry

Mj007 on I felt the rapture in your arms.
i love the shot

Jen on do not adjust the contrast, my love.

Jen on I felt the rapture in your arms.
Nice profile

itzmedeepa on I felt the rapture in your arms.
Lovley capture

Jen on we'll float down grand street in daylight.
It was just raining really hard, and it eventually flooded into the building and into the lower apartments.

Jen on we'll float down grand street in daylight.
Flooding? From all the melted snow? or something else?

Meriah on Images of Statesville; Old Hospital Barred Window.
I think the black and white creates a more mysterious look. I think the black and white suits this photo well.

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